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Fresh ChocolateImported Chocolates

This category of LEE imported chocolates are made by the team of highly-skilled chocolatiers with the finest single-sourced cocoa to create a variety of rich and smooth chocolates of highly elegant designs and unwrapped premium fillings.

DrageeLee Choco

These small balls are extremely addictive. One bite through the meltingly smooth chocolate, through to the light, crunch centre, and thats it ! You’ll be hooked!
And not only that! We have it in different varieties! Almonds, hazelnuts, coffee beans, pistachios, strawberries, cranberries and more … Why not give a try,right?

Sugar FreeLee Choc

LEE imported chocolates also comes with a healthy gorgeous range of Sugar Free chocolates to satisfy your cravings! Did you know that sugar free chocolate is even better with Maltitol Sweetener? We have with us all the options for sugar free Chocolate Lovers! Range of Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Biscuit, Wafers and more…. TRY OUT and figure out yourself which is your favorite one!

Bulk ChocolateLee Choc

LEE’s collection of of exquisitely delicious milk chocolate and dark chocolate in different shapes and fillings with lusciously thick cream which creates the sublime taste and wide range of nuts elegantly wrapped in exquisitely colored papers which can come under one package to make it bulky! Experience it by yourself!

Gift BoxesLee Choc

Imported Chocolates always represent style and elegance and hence should be wrapped in gift boxes with stunning designs, isn’t it? A collection of gift boxes to wrap the luxurious LEE chocolates make a unique gift for a friend or a loved one or
for that matter a great corporate gifting! Try out your favorite gift from the wide variety of collections and see which one is of your style!

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